Working with Children

Jagruti trains selected village women in pedagogy and to become child right activists. There are 20 children's collectives or 'Putaani Loka' headed by these women, that engage children creatively every evening. They also conduct trainings on child rights, children gram sabha and quality education. As a result children's gram sabha is happening every year in 8 panchayaths of Khanapur Taluk. Children participate in these gram sabhas and demand for their rightful quality education, toilets in school, quality food in mid-day meals.

Jagruti also conducts children camps twice a year where children are oriented on gender sensitivity, environmental related topics, child rights, gram sabha and so on. Children's clubs are formed in 15 villages as a creative space for children.

Children rally for their rights - toilets in schools, subject-wise teachers, playground and an open and free environment which is free of sexual harrassment.


Children camp in Junjuwad where playtime is given more emphasis than reading and writing.


Drama competition in Children's Activity Club.


"Plastic - the devil" - a children workshop to create awareness about the harm to environment by use of plastic.


An activity where children are encouraged to read newspapers and cut out important news items for display at children workshop.


Story telling and theatre are some of the methods used by the team to encourage children to participate, speak up and have fun at the same time.


Paper crown dance in after-school children's activity club.


Children's gram sabha members - a group photo with placards demanding their rights.