Challenging Gender Based Violence

Trafficking of girl children was quite rampant in villages of Khanapur taluk in the name of Gujjar marriage. Girl child trafficking was a cultural norm in these areas till Jagruti intervened for girl child's rights. Processions, street plays, children camps were organized to bring awareness regarding child marriage as a social evil and importance of girl child education.

Jagruti has a group of village level child rights activists who teach various aspects of gender sensitivity to primary school children. Women are constantly motivated to speak against domestic violence through Jagruti's workshops. High amount of liquor consumption had further precipitated domestic violence against which the women raised their voice. This resulted in passing of a resolution in the panchayath of Bidi village to close all liquor shops in the village. Jagruti's activists went from house to house to mobilize people for the panchayath resolution to ban liquor and this in it was a first of its kind in the state.

Human chain in Bidi village highway for liquor ban.


"If you drink you will be in the gutter" says the banner and Jagruti members protest by tying a black band around their mouths; a silent protest.


Women marching on the streets of Belgaavi to the DC office.