Right to Food

Jagruti mobilized the community to hold district and taluk level public hearings for proper distribution of food grains. Thousands of villagers gathered in these public hearings and spoke to the officials. The State Government had withdrawn Anna Antyodaya Cards, that were given to the most vulnerable families for their food security. Jagruti team campaigned for the revival of this particular welfare scheme.

Currently Jagruti team is networking at state level for the distribution of locally cultivated food grains like raagi and jowar through Public Distribution System (PDS or ration shops). The National Food Security Act of 2013 is yet to be implemented in its full capacity. Jagruti has constantly been working towards this by organizing action research, public hearings and consultations, both locally and at state level.

Public hearing against food coupon and aadhaar.


Submitting a memorandum to the authorities for correcting the PDS in their villages and thus streamline grain delivery.


Awareness building by street theater.