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Jagruti is a registered (November 1998, with registration number 189 of 98/99) Non Government Organization (NGO) working with emphasis on gender agenda, towards all round development in twenty two villages of Khanapur Taluk of Belguam District.


  1. To empower and enable people with special emphasis on women’s organizing, involving and participation.
  2. To bring in meaningful changes in community by utilizing government programmes with involvement and participation of women.
  3. To prevent exploitation of girl child and women.


Jagruti's vision is to work towards a society without exploitation and a world without poverty, patriarchy and injustice - a world in which every person enjoys the right to life with dignity

Jagruti's mission is to work with the poor and the excluded in their struggle to eradicate poverty, patriarchy and injustice.

Jagruti advocates and campaigns for the dignity and well-being of the oppressed and marginalised, and is committed to the rights of the most disadvantaged.

Jagruti's focus is to work with rural people and that the state is the primary entity obligated to respect, protect and fulfill the rights of the people.

Jagruti advocates health as a basic human right as envisioned in the Alma Ata Declaration of WHO (http://www.searo.who.int/LinkFiles/Health_Systems_declaration_almaata.pdf) of which India is a signatory and further endorses the "People's Health Charter" (http://www.phmovement.org/en/resources/charters/peopleshealth and in Kannada http://www.phmovement.org/sites/www.phmovement.org/files/phm-pch-kannada.pdf) of People's Health Movement (http://www.phmovement.org/).

Jagruti campaigns for the Health Rights of Women and envisages a world where all people can fulfill their sexual and reproductive rights.

Jagruti advocates communal harmony in all its respects.

Jagruti realizes its vision through the "Jagruti village team members" who are rooted within the local communities and act as catalysts for social formation and aspire to learn from the communities' rich experiences. Village team members search for alternatives which emanate from interaction with the communities.

All it takes is for communities to become aware of their rights and coming together to stake hold their rights. Jagruti believes in addressing the root causes that keep the communities hungry, illiterate, exploited and abused. Also causes like gender discrimination, caste based hierarchy, lack of appropriate livelihoods and displacement of the marginalized all contribute to further marginalisation and exploitation. As the communities awareness increases and starts acting the vested interests often lash back more so when the marginalised take a stand that contests the popular beliefs. The Jagruti Team prepares the communities to face such situations by imparting training, exposing them to other such attempts elsewhere and thus create awareness. Jagruti Team Members are actively involved in organising mostly women by involving them in the grass-root activities.

For all this to transform - the change has to begin from within each one of us and that will require much more than just taking pity. For these changes to happen we should start thinking about the community not as objects of sympathy, but as citizens of this country with the same rights that we consider are our due.

In a nutshell, Jagruti believes that the rights based approach is the only one that meets peoples' aspirations and are sustainable. Jagruti does not believe in charity and has deep conviction in EQUITY.

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